Importance and Maintenance of an Aquarium

An aquarium is an enclosure which has one side which is translucent thus enabling a person to see through animal and plants kept in this water-filled object.  They are mostly found in different places of the world and are often used as beautiful scenes for the public to view. An aquarium acts as a habitat for water plants, amphibians, reptiles such as turtles and also fish. Aquariums such as what you can see at were developed in the 1850s.They provide a perfect place for plants and animals to co-exist together as they help each other out in their existence. It is made of a glass of high strength whereby it can be used for both home and public use.

An aquarium such as at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium needs to be maintained on a high-level to ensure the survival of the fish and also water plants. An aquarium requires high levels of water to ensure stability in the tanks. High levels of water ensure provide diluting effects in case of death of fish. This will prevent contamination of the living fish. It is also very important to regularly maintain the aquarium to keep the fish healthy by checking their stress levels and also prevent fish diseases. It is advisable to change the water frequently to keep the water fresh and water which has been modified should be the right temperature to ensure the survival of the fish.

As stated earlier water plants and fish do co-exist together. Water plants play a significant role in ensuring this co-existence. During the day, plants release oxygen into the water which helps the fish and absorbs carbon dioxide. At night, the plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Plants also play a significant role in the breakdown of waste produced by the fish. By this, they act as natural filters. Algae they settle on plants help to clean water ensuring the water does not appear cloudy. Healthy plants also give oxygen to the roots area of the aquarium hence ensuring the bottom does not decay.

Aquariums provide stunning scenes. They are often found in offices, restaurants, and also homes. They are wonderful that one cannot stop taking a glimpse at them once in a while. They are also very educative in that they can be used in classrooms for teaching purposes. By this, they can be used as practical tools by students. They also provide a sense of responsibility, achievement and also a desire to learn. They can teach students about the survival of fish and also the co-existence between them and plants.

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